Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The depth and breadth of our crew’s search engine marketing practice integrates with multiple channels and includes a dedicated account team to boot. Our core offering includes Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Shopping Feed Management (PLAs & CSEs) and Remarketing Advertising while incorporating elements of Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising.

Building the keywords and meta tags for the clients official marketing websites
Enabling the better brand identity
Increasing their online visibility
Improvising the ways and means to get more web traffic and so on.
We offer comprehensive list of SEM services that cover all the major SEM tools such as:
Paid Advertisement placement
Contextual online advertising
Paid inclusion of promotional articles
Inclusion of website in search listings
We provide our professional services to enable to avail services of worlds renowned SEM tools such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.